Have a Qualifying Life Event?

Do You Qualify for a Special Enrollment Period?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) understand that life changes and, depending on your situation, you could qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) to assist in enrolling and managing your Medicare benefits.

An SEP allows you to delay enrolling in Part B and D without incurring a late enrollment penalty (LEP). If you elected not to enroll for Parts B and D during your IEP, you would need to provide documentation of your Special Enrollment Period (SEP) eligibility to CMS in order to avoid any penalties.

Please see below a list of special circumstances that CMS has approved to qualify for an SEP.

✓ Loss of employer or union coverage.

✓ Moving out of your Medicare plan’s service area.

Your Medicare plan is withdrawn from the Medicare program.

✓ Residing, moving in to, or moving out of a nursing home/ long-term care hospital.

You elect to enroll in a 5-Star plan.

You exercise your Medicare Advantage Trial Right.

✓ Becoming eligible or losing your Medicaid coverage.

✓ Becoming eligible and receiving Extra Help (also known as Low-Income Subsidy) with your Medicare prescription drug costs.

Note: Each SEP creates its own enrollment window.  Make sure you understand your responsibilities within the mandated time line or you could face delays in coverage and penalties. 

To avoid paying any of the late penalty fees for Parts A, B or D, verify your Special Enrollment Period eligibility before deciding to delay coverage.

How We Can Help With Life Events and Changes

Not only can we help you determine if your circumstances qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP), but we will also assist you in enrolling and managing your Medicare benefits so that you can avoid late enrollment penalties.

Do You Qualify?

Determine if your life event will qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP).

When Do You Enroll?

We will make sure that you know the enrollment and guaranteed issue dates for Medicare Parts A, B, C and D and Medicare Supplement plans.

Document Your SEP

Complete required paperwork to document your SEP to the applicable insurance companies.

Avoid Gaps in Coverage

Coordinate your existing and future benefits to have seamless coverage. 

Determining Your SEP Eligibility

Not sure if this enrollment period applies to you? Let us help you. We can explain when and how you’ll need to enroll to have the coverage you need, when you need it, without late penalties.

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