Our Story


Our Beginnings

Medicare Portal began in 2018 when we embarked on a mission to provide personalized Medicare solutions. Our operations kicked off in July of that year, and we set up our headquarters in Tysons, VA.



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Advisor Portal

As we moved into 2020, we recognized the importance of adapting to the digital world to serve our clients. As a result, we developed a virtual platform to bring our services online, making education and enrollment accessible to everyone. Building on that success, we expanded our educational platform to include financial advisors and wealth managers. With the introduction of Advisor Portal in 2020, we now provide the tools and resources they need to assist their clients with Medicare. 


ICHRA Portal

we focused on finding new ways to help Medicare eligibles who are enrolling in Medicare through ICHRA. With the introduction of ICHRA Portal, we now offer assistance to employers in transitioning their employees to Medicare.


Expanding Our Geographic Footprint

The demand for our services continued to grow, and so did our aspirations to provide excellent Medicare service to our clients. We expanded our services to 42 states. We continue to serve and reach more individuals across the nation. 


PATH and Producer Portal

 We  trademarked our unique educational and enrollment process, called PATH, solidifying our commitment to excellence in providing Medicare solutions.  We expanded our educational platform to include health insurance brokers. With the introduction of Producer Portal, we now provide a Medicare solution for their clients. 

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