Medicare Plan Options

What are your Medicare Plan Options?

Once you’ve successfully enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B, you are eligible to enroll in additional plans to complete your Medicare benefits.  There are two plan options:

You can choose to access medical care through Original Medicare Parts A and B. You would add a Medicare Supplement and a stand-alone Part D plan to complete your Medicare benefits, or

You can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, also known as Part C.  These are all-in-one managed care plans that provide the same benefits as Original Medicare, but they are operated by private companies.  Most plans include your Part D benefits.

How Do You Research Your Options?

We recommend working with one of our licensed Medicare agents who can help you evaluate your options.  Our agents will assist in:

reviewing local plan options to determine if your current medical providers participate in eligible plan networks.

confirming what plans cover your medications at your pharmacy of choice.

sharing insight into other factors like spending time at a second home and national and international travel.

Let us do the research.

MP Group eases your burden of exploring, choosing and enrolling in a Medicare insurance plan that’s right for you based on your unique circumstances.  Best of all, there is no cost for you for our services, and you receive our support with your Medicare needs for your lifetime.

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