Medicare Enrollment

When to Enroll in Medicare

Knowing when to enroll in Medicare is equally as important as choosing your Medicare benefits. 

Specific enrollment periods were created to accommodate various life events and changes.  First, let’s identify the different enrollment period scenarios to determine which best applies to you and your situation. Here are five key categories that guide when you enroll:

  • You’re turning 65 
  • You’re working past 65
  • You have a qualifying life event or change 
  • You missed your Initial Enrollment Period  
  • You need a plan and prescription review

Enrollment is not automatic for everyone, and it’s important to take the time to familiarize yourself with these dates and have a clear understanding of your options, enroll on time, and avoid the risk of underwriting or incurring a late penalty fee.  

** WATCH: Medicare Enrollment Video **

Which Enrollment Period Applies to You?

Let us do the research for you.

MP Group eases your burden of exploring, choosing and enrolling in a Medicare insurance plan that’s right for you based on your unique circumstances.  Best of all, there is no cost for you for our services, and you receive our support with your Medicare needs for your lifetime.

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