Medicare Education From The Comfort of Your Home

At Medicare Portal, we’ve developed free virtual educational webinars for the most requested topics that we receive from beneficiaries, financial advisors, assisted living facilities and human resource departments. To better assist you in your transition into Medicare, we welcome you to our educational events:

Medicare Basics

Covers the five most frequently asked questions: What is Medicare? When and how do you enroll? Are you eligible and how to avoid gaps in coverage and late enrollment penalties.

Medicare and Working Past 65

Identifies key dates, timelines and actions you need to take when working past 65 and enrolling in Medicare.

Medicare Part D – What You Need to Know

Covers the importance of understanding all aspects of Part D enrollment, from tiers and formularies to avoiding late enrollment penalties.

Original Medicare versus Medicare Advantage

Understanding the difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage to determine which option best meets your needs.

Medicare Annual Enrollment – What You Need To Know

Explores what the Annual Enrollment Period is, how it can impact you and specifically what changes you can make to your Medicare benefits. Note that this webinar is only available from October 1st – December 7th.

If you are interested in any of these educational webinars, please visit for more information on how to register.

If a group setting isn’t quite what you are looking for, we also offer individual Medicare education and enrollment assistance in person, over the phone and online, and our services are always free. Contact us today at, or call us at 703-214-4600.

We look forward to helping you know more and stress less about your Medicare. Your PATH to Medicare success begins with us!

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