Learn More About Medicare and Working Past 65 Today!

At Medicare Portal, we’ve developed free virtual educational webinars for the most requested topics that we receive from beneficiaries, financial advisors, assisted living facilities and human resources. To better assist you in your transition into Medicare, we welcome you to our Medicare Working Past 65 webinar:

What will you learn at the Medicare Working Past 65 webinar?

Participants will learn exactly what they need to know about working past 65 and Medicare, covering topics that include:

  • Should I enroll in Medicare if I am still working at age 65?
  • When turning 65, do I enroll in Medicare Part B or delay enrollment?
  • Who pays first? Medicare or my employer insurance?
  • Medicare and Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
  • Medicare and COBRA

Who should attend the Medicare Working Past 65 webinar?

Our Medicare and Working Past 65 webinar is designed for people who are:

  • Turning 65 this year, but planning to continue working
  • Planning to retire this year, and will be transitioning into Medicare

If you are interested in our Medicare Working Past 65 webinar, please visit www.medicareportal.org for more information on how to register.

We look forward to helping you know more and stress less about your Medicare. Your PATH to Medicare success begins with us!

If a group setting isn’t quite what you are looking for, we offer Medicare education and enrollment assistance in person, over the phone and online, and our services are always free. Contact us today: info@medicareportal.org or call us at 703-214-4600.

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