How to Choose an Independent Local Medicare Agent

Understanding your Medicare coverage options as well as selecting the Medicare option that best fits your medical and financial needs can seem like a daunting task. To help you through the process of learning and enrolling, engaging the services of an independent local Medicare insurance agent can provide great benefits. At no cost, they provide knowledge and experience to help you navigate through your initial enrollment process and transition to Medicare. Engaging their services will help in reducing the typical concerns of enrollment eligibility, supplemental options and avoiding penalties.

If you are unsure about your Medicare responsibilities and options, take the time to learn more about the role a local Medicare insurance agent plays. We recommend contacting your local Medicare insurance agency and requesting to speak with one of their credentialed, experienced insurance agents. Regardless of whether you’re approaching initial enrollment or are a current beneficiary, a licensed Medicare insurance agent can assist in providing knowledge, education and services and the ability to make changes if needed.

Assistance in Understanding and Sorting Through Your Medicare Options

When it comes to learning about the basics of Medicare, there are many details that require consideration, from understanding your plan options to navigating your actual Medicare enrollment. It can seem overwhelming to process an abundance of information within a brief window, which if missed, can cause you to face lifetime penalties and potential delays in coverage. The good news is you do not have to do it alone – a trusted Medicare insurance agent can assist you.

Independent Medicare insurance agents offer significant value by providing unbiased advice because they are not tied to one single company or plan. Independent Medicare insurance agents can offer valuable resources about the available plans in your county, but are prohibited from discussing outside options you aren’t interested in. Independent Medicare insurance agents will represent multiple plan providers and therefore are able to offer unbiased input about the various carriers and plans based on your coverage requirements, needs and budget.

Note that for your privacy and protection, Medicare agents are not permitted to review your medical records, ask for personal information, meet without your permission or talk about plan options you had not previously agreed to discuss.

Local Medicare Agents Services Are Free

It’s not too good to be true: independent local Medicare agents’ services are completely free. Most independent Medicare insurance agents work on commission, and that commission comes from the providers and insurance companies – not you.

It is important to note that the agent’s commission does not impact your Medicare plan premium rates or coverage. You pay the same amount for a given policy with an agent’s help or without it. However, a Medicare agent can help enhance your understanding of Medicare, assist you with exploring your options and help support your search for a policy that fits your specific situation and needs.

Since plan options will vary by region, and even county or zip code, a local Medicare insurance agent near you is best equipped to know the plan options available to you. Plans can also change from year to year, and it’s important to have a reputable, trusted Medicare agent who can offer resources and support with reevaluating your options.

Turn to An Independent Medicare Agent for a Personalized Approach

Without a Medicare agent, you can anticipate navigating through a barrage of junk mail and ads during your search for credible Medicare-related materials and information online.

A Medicare agent is well-versed in Medicare rules and regulations, ensuring compliance, navigating enrollment periods, submitting enrollment applications and knowing what to expect post-enrollment. Plus, they work to establish a rapport and a working relationship with you so they understand your medical and financial needs. If you have questions about your coverage, your particular needs or what enrollment period applies to you, you can meet with an agent in-person at a convenient location or by phone or virtual conference call to discuss your concerns in real-time. Unlike a general online search, local Medicare agents can offer credible insights and answers much more effectively and efficiently. Developing a relationship with a local Medicare agent will provide a lifetime of comfort knowing assistance and support is a phone call or meeting away.

What many Medicare beneficiaries do not realize is that their relationship with their Medicare agent is an ongoing one. The right Medicare agent will be there to answer any questions you may have before, during and after the Medicare enrollment process. What’s more, they will check in on you and your policy after it has been in place for several months or years and can assist with reevaluating your plan options annually.

Choosing a Medicare plan is a significant and time-consuming decision to make. Since it will impact your health and healthcare for years to come, it’s not a process to rush or take lightly. Don’t leave questions unanswered, or settle for a plan that looks “just okay” or “good enough”. Contact an independent local Medicare agent today – get started by reaching out to our team at Medicare Portal here.

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