How a Medicare Agent Can Help You During AEP

Each year before the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) arrives, it’s smart to prepare for this opportunity to review your coverage. Finding the right Medicare plan that meets your needs can be challenging; however, there are local independent Medicare insurance agents that can, at no cost, offer you assistance with your plan evaluation and research. If you need help, contact a local certified Medicare insurance agent to learn how they can help you weigh your options during the Annual Enrollment Period.

Medicare Agents Can Help You Compare Different Plans

Comparing Medicare plans can be tough without in-depth knowledge of various coverage options. It’s important to identify which plans provide the value you want by providing the medical benefits you need within a budget you can afford. Luckily, a local independent Medicare insurance agent can review the coverage choices you’re interested in and among these, identify the plans that best meet your criteria. These agents serve as a free resource to provide up-to-date information on plans, benefits, costs, formularies and networks (if applicable).

Medicare Agents Will Assist You as You Refine Your Specific Needs

Every Medicare beneficiary is unique. It’s important to find suitable Medicare coverage that meets your specific requirements. For example, one beneficiary may be concerned about finding a plan that provides formulary benefits for numerous medications. Another may be more interested in finding suitable coverage that provides extensive additional benefits or ensuring their primary care physician (PCP) is within their chosen plan’s network. Whatever your particular needs may be, a local Medicare agent can factor these requirements in with the standard considerations such as costs, network and prescription drug formulary when making your choice. These independent Medicare insurance agents are fully equipped to work with you on finding the plan that provides you the best value with regard to benefits, costs and access.

Local Medicare Agents Will Offer Up-to-Date Knowledge of Local Plans

Change has been synonymous with Medicare. Every year, there are changes to your Medicare Part B premiums, Part B and D deductibles, and other changes like Part C out-of-pocket maximums. Every year prior to the Annual Enrollment Period, it’s important that you review your Annual Notice of Change (ANOC), which arrives in mid to late September, and identify changes in your plan that would impact your budget and/or care for the upcoming year. The Annual Notice of Change will detail changes in your existing plan, including coverage, costs, service area and more. If your plan changes will negatively impact you, a local Medicare insurance agent can provide up-to-date resources and help you evaluate your options for the upcoming plan year. Having access to a knowledgeable professional will allow you to leverage their knowledge and determine if a change will benefit you for the upcoming year.

At Medicare Portal, our local Medicare insurance agents can provide one-on-one assistance over the phone, online and in-person to aid you in deliberating your coverage options for the upcoming plan year. Our agents are available to perform annual plan reviews, identify new or competing plan options and provide cost/benefit comparisons during AEP. To help you evaluate and, if needed, make a change, a local independent Medicare insurance agent can provide an extra level of knowledge that can make a positive impact on your benefits for the next plan year. Contact us today!

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