Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

As we age, many of us will experience some degree of hearing loss and as a result, may require the assistance of hearing aids. Many are unaware of the high cost of hearing aids, so it’s important to know how hearing aids are covered under your Medicare plan benefits if you are affected by hearing loss. Let’s explore what Medicare plan types do and do not provide such coverage as it relates to hearing aids.

Does Original Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

Life expectancies continue to rise, and medical needs also tend to increase with advancing age. One area of our health that has steadily required additional attention is hearing impairment or loss. Thus, the need for hearing exams, hearing aid devices and fittings has grown with it.

If you experience hearing loss or anticipate the need for assistance, it’s important that your Medicare plan addresses your needs. Under Original Medicare, Parts A and B, there is no coverage for your basic hearing exams or for any hearing devices such as hearing aids. You would be responsible for all costs relating to these products and services.

Medicare Advantage Plans and Hearing Aid Coverage

As mentioned above, hearing aids are expensive and you don’t want to end up paying for the entire retail cost out of pocket. Nationally, there are more plans than ever offering benefits for hearing care and hearing aids.

Under Medicare Advantage, many plans will provide coverage not only for your hearing exams, but also for assistance in reducing the costs of purchasing hearing aids. You must be sure that you’re choosing a Medicare Advantage plan that covers your hearing aids and associated medical expenses when looking at plan options available in your area.

Also known as Medicare Part C, Medicare Advantage plans are location-specific, which is why you should use your zip code to search for plans available in your geographical area. This type of Medicare plan allows beneficiaries to obtain their benefits through private insurance companies, and offers coverage for hearing, visual and dental care not provided under Original Medicare.

Costs and coverage under Medicare Advantage plans can vary from plan to plan and can change year to year, so be sure to pay attention to your current plan and other options in your area. If you are reviewing options during the Annual Enrollment Period, conduct research to identify those plans with hearing benefits and seek assistance from a local Medicare insurance agent should you require additional help.

At Medicare Portal, the experienced members of our team are here to help you navigate the local Medicare plan options available to you that suit your circumstances. Our local Medicare insurance agents can provide the one-on-one assistance you need over the phone, virtually or in-person to ensure you receive the Medicare coverage you need. To learn more about how we can help you, contact our team today!

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